2.8 coolant leak at heater hose connection to block ..... any BTDT?

Jim Howes mxhowes at aol.com
Wed Jul 20 14:04:17 PDT 2011

98 2.8 5-speed.

     I've discovered a small coolant leak. It seems to be coming from 
the heater hose connection to the rear of the block. From the top side I 
can't see the hose connection or even get my hands in the area but I can 
see some coolant on the bell housing below the hose. From underneath 
still can't see the connection but I can just manage to squeeze my hand 
up there near the hose and it is wet.
    I guess my question  is .... how do you access this area? It looks 
like I might have to remove most of the pluming (vacuum hoses, PCV pipes 
etc) to access from the top. Just looking for a heads up from someone 
who has had this problem.

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