worth fooling with?

Doyt W. Echelberger doyt at buckeye-express.com
Thu Jul 21 14:24:18 PDT 2011

Hello Mike,

Probably not. I agree with the Jim Rose opinion.

At best, it will be worth $4-5K when (if) you get it sorted out.  For sure 
it needs an engine and someone to take the old one out and put the next one 
in (you?). Let's stay on the safe side and go with the $4,000 value and 
somebody else wrenching. You already burned up $1,000, leaving 
$3,000.....not much for ANYTHING but a replacement engine and the parts and 
labor to get it in and running.....probably $1,800 for the engine alone 
(+risk of more problems).....leaving $1,200 to pay the wrench and the parts 
house for a new clutch, new plugs, new ignition wires, a battery, maybe a 
starter and alternator, hoses and motor mounts and belts and exhaust 
elements and unexpected misc..... What if it needs a rack or a new cat and 
sensors? Or a new computer? Or brakes and maybe tie rods, ball joints, 
struts, DRIVE SHAFT (!!!), heater core, blower, AC parts...whole new AC system?

You better some how be sure that the engine is all it needs. Not possible 
to evaluate all that other stuff if it doesn't run. Maybe you could guess, 
using complete service documentation if it exists? Too many unknowns. And 
what compromises did the wrench make when he put in the first replacement 
engine? Is the wiring harness all ready for a new engine?

And there is more.....What if it needs all new air bags?  Does it have the 
tires and wheels you want, 'cause there isn't any margin for different 
ones. Do all the windows go up and down, and how well does the sunroof work?

Was it in an accident? Did it live in the salt belt? Flood damage? Interior 
crisp and clean? Good headliner?

There may not be any buyers when and if you do get it all sorted out..so, 
only you know how much you want an A4 to drive, and what shape you want it 
to be in.

Personally, I'd try to find a well-sorted A4 that ALREADY ran good, passed 
my hour-long test drive, and had documentation.... then I'd pay a good 
mechanic about 75 bucks to check the codes and ALL the systems, and ask him 
if he would feel comfortable maintaining the car for me over the next two 
years. Chances are I could find a pretty good car that way for about $5k, 
and have MUCH less uncertainty and potential grief.

At 03:20 PM 7/20/2011, you wrote:

>Been offered a 1999 A4 turbo Quattro 5 speed with a bad engine for $1,200.
>Haven't visited it yet, the pix look nice (but we know how that can be 
>"Won't start, belt broke or motor bad, was daily driver" and this is the 
>SECOND engine this car has had.
>Is this car worth fooling with if I can get it for a grand?
>Best Regards,
>Mike Arman
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