Gone To The Dark Side ...

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Hmmmm... well, at least it handles extremely well.  Is it a six or five
speed manual?  I can understand the AC not being cold, especially where you
live Fay, but it may have needed a recharge.  Considering it is a CPO, I am
surprised that slipped by.  Yes, you went to the dark side, but at least it
is not in white.  I have been tempted by a 3 series from time to time, of
course I would want one with certain options and the maintenance package
along with an extended warranty.  

Look at it this way, when the warranty and maintenance runs out; trade it on
one with four rings, as opposed to a propeller.  Cheers Fay, why aren't you
in the driver's seat in the first pic?  Is that Mr. Fay?


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Good Day to Everyone !

I was rather disappointed with
my test drive on Thursday with
the A4s.    There was an A6 with
CPO but the AC wasn't cold and
went home thinking
I should look at some others.

Researched everything from new Fiats
to the Boxster ... and test drove one on
Thurs.    I was in love with the Boxster
I'm here to tell ya.   Out of my price range
for a CPO.   The CPO was the first criteria
for my next vehicle.   Just couldn't bring myself
to purchase a new American car no matter
how many people said what great deals
they were....

Then my van went bad on Friday making
noises and I had to make a quick purchase
with limited funds.   Everything fell
together perfectly ....

I'll keep my membership with my long
time friends here but I guess I'll
have to go under the radar til I get
my next Audi and return from
The Dark Side.

I have almost 2 years of CPO extended
left plus the previous owner bought the
maintenance warranty as well so that
is free for the same period.   Sometimes
I jus get lucky !

2007 328i




Cheers,   Fay

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