Vibrating Steering Wheel

Max Hoepli mhoepli at
Sun Jul 24 11:56:12 PDT 2011

Hi all,


Steering Wheel started to vibrate at about 2200 RPM in 5th gear on highway,
I lifted the handbrake lever up 3cm and pushed back down 3 times. This
eliminated the vibrating steering wheel. 100km later I stopped the car after
having turned off the 401 East at Cobourg going north on 45, I had to rev
more when I was gearing up. Stopped by a gas station, the rims at the front
were very hot. The car would not roll on level ground in neutral. 30 minutes
letting the car rest, the car could roll again. I drove off normally. 


On the way home steering wheel starts to vibrate as of 2200 RPM in 5th gear.
Lifting up handbrake handle as before had no influence. Steering wheel seems
to vibrate more when slowing from 3000 RPM to 2200 RPM, Seems to be less
vibration accelerating 

The car has new control arms in the front and new constant velocity boot on
the front outer right. Tires and rims balanced 2,000 km ago.

Car stops in a straight line with assist. ABS does not work.




1986 Type 44 Turbo Quattro, 313,000 km


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