Stumbled across a Allroad 6 speed for sale

Eric Huppert ehuppert at
Wed Jul 27 17:06:07 PDT 2011



Whilst picking up some tools from my contractor brother in law I noticed a
Allroad for sale at the job-site. Turns out it's the home owners and he's
looking to move it as they picked another vehicle. Suggested he post on
audifans, but not sure if that will happen as it is a bit cumbersome to
register and seeing as how he's older (*than me, late 50's. early 60's!) he
may not be able to navigate his way through..


Understand the six speed is somewhat sought after, so thought I'd post a
little info...


Located in Hurley NY, apx 100 miles north of NYC


Original owner, 114k. Believe it had a minor damage from a rear end
collision which was properly repaired at 80k. Not sure on services, etc, but
the car is immaculate and my brother in law claims the guy takes care of his
vehicles, house etc. Owner told me everything worked, no issues at all. Ad
in the window said asking 14.2k. Not sure of the year!


I'm not affiliated, no dog in this fight other than identifying a vehicle a
lister may be interested in.


If anyone wants more info, ie owners contact info email me off list. I can
also take a closer look if someone desires. Was a mechanic by trade (but
decided the military had a better pension, which it does, and I collect
monthly)  and know what to look for.. With that said, I'm a 44 type guy and
not as familiar with the genetic faults of the Allroad.


Cheers, Eric

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