1991 Audi 200T Auto-tranny Qs

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> Hi all:
> ?
> I came across a 1991 Audi 200 Turbo with automatic tranny for sale (slush-box I know) with 108K miles and have a few questions.
> ?
> The car is basically being sold as a parts car because of the following:

The seller is a thief - YOU made it run and now he wants $200 MORE for it????

Come back in a month and offer him $300 if you really, really want the car.

Autotranny + turbo is a problem, the transmissions were NOT strong enough even in the N.A. cars - 
and I seem to recall something about a 1991 only 4 speed transmission also, anyone want to chime in?

Unfortunately, all put together it is maybe worth a grand and that will be hard to get if you try to 
sell it. This is not a low-maintenance car, either.

Nice to drive, comfortable, not fast, but you could do a lot worse very easily.

What else is missing after it was all taken apart? The A/C not working might kill the deal, in fact 
it WOULD kill it if you are anywhere south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Don't fall in love with this one, look in the Quattro list for-sales and see what these are going 
for. I've seen some nicer cars for not very much more money.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman

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