1991 Audi 200T Auto-tranny Qs

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Hi Tony:
You basically described pretty much what I'm thinking about doing, should the seller budge on the asking price. I'll wait a couple of weeks or so, as Mark suggested, and see if car still available to approach the seller again.
Would the swap require a flywheel from an MC1 MAC2 quattro or the one auto-tranny serve?
I take it the twin seals you mentioned can be ordered on-line or would it be a dealer-only item?
Any special tools needed?
I've removed the final drive seal and drive-shaft seals on an 016 tranny with basically some strong picking tools I had handy at the time.
I also saw a transmission kit, which included oil pan seal and filter from Autohausaz.com.
Your input regarding CIS goes along with my experience with it, although I have heard the opposite of it. I guess it all comes down to routine maintenance, which includes making sure there are no vaccuum leaks and corroded or dirty grounds.
Like I said, the engine is smoke, noise, rust and corrosion free with a brand new harmonic balancer (crank pulley) and brake master cylinder, both shiny and cleaned as if right out of the box. 
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Those transmissions are fairly robust, as long as the twin seals between the trans and final drive don't go out and mix gear oil with trans fluid.

The MC1 and MC2 are good with CIS, just transplant the whole thing over to the QSW if you decide to part it out. Saves $$, and the CIS system is a great system.

Honestly, $600 is not bad for a nicely running MC2, and you get all the other parts with it. And, if it drives decently as is, you can put some miles on it as a beater till something needs work, then part it out. Or, just part it as is.


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Hi all:
>I came across a 1991 Audi 200 Turbo with automatic tranny for sale (slush-box I know) with 108K miles and have a few questions.
>Is $600 a fair price, base on the above description? If I buy it, I'm going to try negotiate a bit down although seller is pretty firm on price.
>What kind of  longevity can one expect from the auto-tranny and they really a piece of junk?
>I figured if the tranny goes or is bad, I could yank engine out, convert it to EFI and stick it in my QSW.

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