Oh great guru...

Robert Myers bob at chips-ur-s.com
Mon Oct 17 13:17:10 PDT 2011

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Hi Y'all,

It looks like my neighbor thinks I know something about engines.  One 
thing I don't know (among oh so many) is how to solve his 
problem.   He has a nearly new condition but long stored self 
propelled lawn mower which will briefly fire up when he yanks on the 
starter cord but then it dies almost immediately.  My suggestion to 
him was to put some Sta-Bil in the fuel tank back when he more stored 
the machine a while back.  Somehow that didn't help him a whole lot 
this week.  ;-)

I suspect that the carburetor is fouled with varnish from old 
fuel.  What might I suggest to him as a product which might dissolve 
such deposits and allow him to get his machine running again?  Carb 
cleaner maybe?


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