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Many Thanks Tony!!!
But pardon my ignorance, what is "CLR" and where can I purchase it?
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CLR. Move it around a good bit, sitting for about 30 min between. Flush well, should be good. Did this years ago, worked very well for me.


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Hi all!!
>I'll say the the radiator in one of my QSWs is about 30-40% clogged. Once 1st radiator fan speed comes on, it stays on, with the high speed cycling on and off.
>It is an all-metal radiator and I took it to a radiator shop about 2 years ago where the top tank was taken off to clean it. The did a half-ass job to say the least.
>Anyway, before biting the bullet to buy a new one at the cheapest place I could find it at a cost of $274 (, I would like to know if any of you know of some chemical I can pour in it to loosen up all the deposits within it. This I would do out with the radiator removed from the car, which I already have.
>Thanks in advance and regards,
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