Voltage Regulators with Higher Voltage than Stock

Marc Boucher mboucher70 at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 18 20:15:03 PDT 2011

I'm interested in replacing the stock voltage regulators (Audi 100, 1990), with an different model that would regulate to a slightly higher voltage.  I've seen discussion of this over the years, that the stock regulator will regulate the voltage down to approx 13.5 whereas there are some plug-in compatible replacements that will regulate closer to 14.5.

One reference article on the subject was Huw's, at


in which his top choices were the Avi Meron unit or the French Motorola unit.

      Avi Meron unit, new Unknown VRBO-151 14.8 14.8 
      Motorola (from parts car) France 505 055 9??7062 14.3 15 + 

Google came up short when I tried to find either of these.  I found the link to Avi Meron's site on audifans.com, but the site isn't up anymore.

Can anyone suggest a replacement voltage regulators that function around the 14.5 Volt range, and where it can be ordered from (or part number?)



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