engine stalled and won't start: '88 80Q

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One easy one-man (or one-woman) test for a broken t-belt is this : put car
in second gear, release parking brake, try to push the car (or let it moves
by itself if on an incline) with the clutch released. If it moves, t-belt is


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If it sounds different cranking over, my money is on the timing belt. Have
someone crank it over while looking through the little window to see if the
cam is turning. The window is on the back side of the timing belt cover,
right above the #1 spark plug and just above the valve cover. If the cam
doesn't turn while the engine is turning over, it's definately bad. If it
turns, next double check the marks to ensure they line up (cam and crank a
#1 TDC). If not, there's your issue. Hopefully it just jumped a tooth or so,
but probably not :(


On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 4:19 PM, Tess McMillan <tessmc at eskimo.com> wrote:

> It's raining here in the Pacific NW (not sure if related). This morning I
> started the car in the garage and got part-way down my driveway when the
> engine firing slowed and the car just died. I shut off the engine, turned
> the key on part way and heard the fuel pump. When I tried to start the car
> again I only heard a crashing/flushing noise and no actual starting
> happened. Lights work (my horn is disconnected), dash lights all go blinky
> blinky, and I can smell gasoline in the engine when I get out of the car.
> But no pumping or churning noise.
> I went out a couple hours later, checked all the fuses and tried starting
> the car again, still with the same result. When I turn the key I only hear
> the fuel pump and then the crashing sound. I'm not sure whether the
> is working; I don't hear that churning "dupe-dupe-dupe" sound.
> Any suggestions what has failed?
> I had to get a replacement alternator about 2 years ago and ever since
> there's been a high pitched whine in the engine compartment, but I don't
> know if that is related.
> Thanks!
> Tess

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