Blower motor resistor values

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Sun Oct 23 20:44:16 PDT 2011

On my '90 80 I replaced two resistors in about 8 months. Then I noticed that 
my fan was not blowing as before and that it had some small noises. It 
needed to be replaced. When the motor stalls or binds, it draws too much 

Save some time and money, replace both the fan motor and the resistor. It is 
a fairly easy job.


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... not familiar with your vehicle ... speeds 3 & 4 are the higher speeds,
right?  Do you see 3 or 4 taps on the resistor?

You may not find resistance values in Bentley, but you should be able to
find out how the fan is wired in your car.  Some motors have multiple speeds
built into them.  Rather than worrying about resistance values use the
voltage setting to determine whether or not power is getting to the motor at
all switch positions.  If you find that the motor has a voltage at its pins
but is not spinning you will know that the motor is faulty, otherwise no
voltage means the resistor or wiring are bad, and you can track it via the
wiring diagram.

Steve Buchholz

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Subject: Blower motor resistor values

Hi all,

Patient is an 90 90q. I have an issue where only speeds three and four are
working for my heater blower motor.  I checked the resister with a multi
meter and got some fairly "normal" readings (4-ish  ohms overall).  Does
anyone know what these values are supposed to be?  I don't see it listed
anywhere in the Bentley.  IS there another test that will determine a
good/bad resistor.  I am going to the fan speed switch today to see if it is
just the contacts on the switch but I'd like to know if anyone else has ever
measured the values between different pins on the resistor.


Chris Perry

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