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All dealerships are finally realizing that if they get your tire business they also get your brake business and keep you out of the independent shop down the street.
Tire margins aren't huge but brakes and the accompanying upsell for other items are.


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And Ford is selling tires now... what's up with that?

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MHO, GMs have been junk for a while.  Even as recently as a few years ago.
 family friend had her steering rack fail on her 2/3 times in 80k miles on
n 06 Cobalt.  The only American company that didn't get bailed out was
ord, and their products have been dead reliable for me.
Agreed - along with manual transmissions, grease fittings need to be brought
On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 3:41 PM, Tony Hoffman <auditony at> wrote:
> However, they still have one major thing against them, one which makes 
 me wonder how long the contract is for: Code name, Dex-cool. What I 
 and most other mechanics call Dex-crap or GM mud.

 WHen they get rid of that junk, I may start having some respect for 
 them again. Untill then................

 Then again (political warning) they are no longer a "real" company 
 IMO. They were artifically kept afloat when any normal company would 
 have gone bankrupt (including my own).
  I like your mention of grease zirks, I've actually been adding them to
 of my vehicles. Really makes me wish cars still came with them. Grrrr!!

 Anyhow, I will continue driving Audi's, and using the old $600 
 conversion van when I need a tow vehicle/people hauler.


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 > GM used to be CRAP products.  My father had an 1989 Sedan DeVille 
 > which went through 3 engines in 100K miles.  I mean total crap.  But 
 > starting in the early 2000's and certainly today... they seem to be 
 > producing world class products.  One of the really cool features on 
 > that 1989 Caddy- you could use
 > the climate control interface to pull codes.  Built in code reader!  My
 > has something similar... I don't know why GM stopped doing that.  
 > Really cool... because it's a built-in code scanner... not just 
 > OBD2.
 > Why the Escalade?  Nice styling (for a truck), comfortable ride.  
 > It's a pickup which can take 4-5 people out to lunch in business 
 > suits and tow
 > cars and haul dirty track tires, too!  Oh, and it's been TROUBLE 
 > FREE,
 > for some age related items, like an alternator at 120K miles, wheel 
 > bearings at 135K miles.  Two window regulators around 110K.  
 > Seriously, trouble free.  I broke it in, Mobil1 since 1000 miles.  
 > 5K intervals.  Change
 > fluids every 50K miles.  Oh, and grease fittings everywhere... it 
 > still
 > the original ball joints!  That truck is the most trouble free 
 > vehicle
 > ever owned, including my family vehicles.  Did I mention we had TWO 
 > brand-new A8s which were lemons?  One a 1999 and one a 2000.
 > Oh, and at winter driving school one year, I had the fastest time (I 
 > was
 > studded hakkas) driving the Escalade.  Really miffed quite a few 
 > Audi drivers!  LOL (Had I had my S4 on studs, I would've been 
 > faster, of course!).  =)
 > Mark Rosenkrantz
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