How to quiet an EFIed 20V?

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Well Dennis, thanks for the offer.


In fact, you already “paid me back” twice with window switches and oil
cooler lines that you refused to be paid for

So I will gladly look at your pictures and maybe take that Altima airbox,
but this time it will be me that owe you something. J


And you, newcomers to Audifans and younger folks, you now know why we are
still here, many years later (over 11 for me). 


Genuine “camaraderie” between people from all over the world sharing a
common interest.




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I have found an alternative that I have been using, that came out of a
Nissan Altima. I have picked up several from the breakers and just to
experiment, I cut another hole in the bottom section of one of them about 2"
in dia, and it howled like bloody hell just from that much of a small

I'm away from home, but will send pics and info when I get back ( tomorrow
or Sat). It sits very nicely in the "space provided" with no body mods.
I have some of these and can send you one if interested. I remember quite
clearly how you helped me so much at S-fest some years ago when I had picked
up a new to me URQ and was facing the prospect of driving back to Denver
with little to no headlights. I have always felt like I owe you since then.
Maybe time to square it up and pay an old debt?




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Hi everyone,
I drove today the 20V 034-EFIed urQ of my good friend Eric. While it is
indeed very fast, as in spinning the front tires on second gear, the intake
noise is way too loud. Each movement of the throttle that produce boost
produce also that dreaded intake noise. I mean, anything from the tiniest
acceleration to wide open throttle produce the noise. Only while cruising it
is bearable. 
The setup is a cone filter bolted directly to the turbo inlet where the
stock airbox was. I'm quite sure one can create a custom enclosure there to
encapsulate the cone filter, but is there another solution ? 
Any insight welcome.

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