How to quiet an EFIed 20V?

Tihol Tiholov t.tiholov at
Fri Oct 28 09:19:50 PDT 2011

> Not sure if this will help you. I have a fairly large  compressor, all  of
the noise (substantial) is intake.. I went to a bone yard and pulled the
air filter "hose" off a Honda Accord. That had an expansion chamber in it.
That  solved the noise problem.

Second the hose or a pipe solution.
Had a 944 Porsche NA with a big K&N cone (8-9" long). It was attached to the
MAF via a 90 degree exhaust elbow, maybe 8-10" long. There was an intake
noise, mostly under acceleration and it never bothered me - actually it was
a bit invigorating.
I wouldn't bash K&N so much - as long as it's cleaned a lightly oiled, no
issues. Had it on my '88 90 q, too. The conversion on the 944 happened maybe
15 yrs ago as a much cheaper alternative to renewing the broken air cleaner
box ($240+ back in the day). K&N filters and "cold" air intakes weren't a
mainstream ricer item in those days and were used by racers mostly. Must
have paid under $50 for the filter, under $10 for the exh. elbow and a
friend welded a flange to mate it to the MAF. Lasted for years with no
issues. The Audi might still be in (sold twice since my ownership).

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