'82 CGT, Electrical Problems

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Sad news about the Roc!
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  >Well, early this morning I went under the barn
  and found that all of the >rear windows on my '87
  16V Scirocco had shattered. Somewhat disheartened
  I >went to look at the Audi. > >I couldn't find
  the relay Tony mentioned, the '82 still has the
  under dash >relay/fuse panel. Judging from the
  gauge of the exciter wire to the >solenoid, it
  must be relayed. My ancient Bentley does suggest a
  relay, so I will >keep looking. Unfortunately the
  Bentley only shows the 4 cylinder starter, >with
  terminals that I don't have.> >To answer other
  questions, no, I didn't add stabilizer to the
  gas.> >To respond to Huw, it does not start with
  ignition on and a jumper to the >solenoid. It does
  crank. My inline spark tester shows spark. With
  starting >fluid, it did attempt a few starts.
  After experimenting I found gas dripping > from a
  rubber hose between the pump and the accumulator
  (the hose had >deteriorated). It is possible that
  at some point it was squirting, when I >noticed
  it, it was only dripping. I have replaced the
  hose.>I believe it was between the pump and the
  accumulator, I was on my back >with a

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