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I would give my left nut for a TDi six speed with AWD. Lol.
On Jan 8, 2013 1:25 AM, "Dave" <Dave.Eaton at> wrote:

> i sold my '04 allroad 2.5tdi last month after 6 years of ownership @120k
> kms. in summary, the car gave no problems over the 6 years - never broke
> down or needed an unscheduled repair.  i spent in the last year on disk's,
> pads and suspension bushes but this was simple wear & tear.  the tranny
> got an oil & filter change about 30k kms ago, otherwise no issues.  it
> isn't a great tranny, soft changes and hesitations.  my old rs6 was
> similar though.  the new 6-speed zf's are night and day better. i sold the
> all road to a mate btw.
> the interior held up well (leather seats), and the quality was good except
> for the endemic issue with the rubberised coating all audi's of that era
> used for tactile surfaces around the interior handles.  this was worn away
> f&r. the centre console cover aso didn't last - again an endemic issue.
> replaced with a $35 part from amazon.
> i replaced the car with a new vw all track 2.0 tdi last month.  the 2.0
> tdi has the same power and torque as the 2.5 tdi, 20-30% better economy
> (about 800kms on a 70l tank) and is a lot quieter.  relative to the audi,
> you get a lot of car for your money with the alltrack, it is about 30%
> less expensive here in nz to an equivalent a4 tdi quattro.  however, if
> you know where to look you can see where audi spends the money and vw
> doesn't.
> hth
> dave
> '08 rs6 avant
> '12 vw alltrack
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> > On Jan 7, 2013, at 9:55 AM, Jeremiah at wrote:
> >
> >  I have a 2001 allroad that I bought with 89k and now has 111k.  In that
> > time I have rebuilt the tiptornic ($5,000) and it feels like it is going
> > again. The cam follower seals are going out ($500) but not urgent.  The
> > front air suspension went out ($1000 from arnot)  The air suspension
> > computer went out (~300 used).  Even with those replaced parts, the
> > suspsension doesn't like to go all the way up and goes into error mode
> >when
> > I try.  (after being properly calibrated with vagcom)  The cold air
> >blower
> > or something like that (emissions stuff) is going bad too.
> >
> > The car is nice on-road, and is great offroad or for carrying things.
> > However beware that the Tiptronic in the allroad is that bad, not only in
> > reliability, but in lag.  Look up tip lag and allroad and you can read
> >all
> > about it.  If you have the option of a MT that should be much better and
> > also help with the mileage.  I get ~20 mpg around town or on the highway.
> >
> > Maybe I was just spoiled by my 91 200 20v but the allroad just isn't as
> > well put together.  The electornics, display, etc. are all failing when
> > most still worked with twice as many miles in my 200.  The electric
> >mirrors
> > don't work, the windshield sprayers don't work, the electric seat switch
> > fell off, the display only works half of the time, half of the driver
> >side
> > heated seats don't work, the radio volume doesn't work right,
> >
> > Don't get me wrong, I like the car, and would really like a MT one, but
> > they are not the same quality of Audis of Yore.  Not sure if the newer
> >ones
> > are better, but I sure hope so.
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