'82 CGT, Electrical Problems

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Fri Jan 11 08:38:35 PST 2013

1. so it is running (albeit not perfectly) on its own fuel supply? 
That's GREAT!

2. IIRC the start circuit runs through the fuse box and ...

3. So does the fan circuit and ...

Those fuse boxes are horrible, as are the fuses.

It's a pain but I'd recommend a "fuse box service".  IIRC it's not to 
hard to get it hanging free under the dash.  Then, one thing at a time, 
remove or unplug everything (connectors, relays, fuses...), clean with 
contact cleaner (and/or a pen eraser), add a dab of dielectric grease, 

You'll also see the red/black wire going in and out of it and can test 
your start circuit there.

Look up the rad fan circuit and look for its wires, too.

Good luck!

On 1/10/2013 10:31 PM, TWFAUST at aol.com wrote:
> OK,here's where we are. Following Huw's suggestion to spray ether in
> through the warm air intake, I opened the hose. When I did that
> squirrel/mice hoardings poured out. Going further, I found that the
> cold air intake as well as most of the air filter box was full. I
> vacuumed that out.
> I squirted in the ether and it ran. I also got squirrel/mice hoardings
> out of the tail pipe. It idled slowly, when the accelerator was
> depressed it would stall. I am led to suspect there is more in the tail
> pipe which is causing a blockage. I will make further inspection. This
> confirms that the engine is getting fuel, quantity may be in doubt.
> Ignition at idle seems a bit erratic, as though not all cylinders are
> firing consistently.
> Back to the electrical problems. I have tested the ignition switch with
> a circuit tester. There is power to the switch and power to the
> red/black wire when the switch is moved to start. Somewhere the
> red/black joins with the red which runs to the starter, but I cannot
> locate the junction. Any help with that here?
> I let it idle for about 15 minutes hoping it would blow itself out.
> Instead, it over heated.  The cooling fan was not operating. I jumped
> the motor from the battery and the fan operated. Does anyone know if
> there is any commonality with power to the starter? The power line to
> the fan is also red/black. The fuse appears to be OK.
> Tom
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