Robotic Audi

Tihol Tiholov t.tiholov at
Fri Jan 11 13:38:32 PST 2013

aaron sed:

>  A friend and I keep talking about buying a pole shed and stuff it full
> of older cars....I would buy a bunch of VW jetta/golfs from 94~99 w/ the
> 4cyl & 5spd.....
> -good mpg, easy to work on, cheap parts, I know the chassis......keep
> driving them, and when?one dies, just pull another one out of storage.

In a series of books I read the sidekick of the main character had a great
supply of Chevy Nova, used as disposables for nefarious acts.

I also share Mike's sentiments, though not to such apocalyptic depth.
Still, my search limit in future car purchases ends in 2003. Reason is that
(for those not in the know) 2004 and newer VAG products must be brought to
a dealer, when a major electronic module is replaced. There they use
on-line connection with the mother ship (well, headquarters) in Germany to
code said module in the car or no worky. No-one else between these 2
points, including the dealer, has access to the info, exchanged. This sucks
big time and not only b-width. Never mind that the nearest dealer to me is
240 kms away and sucks just as bad.

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