Trade '91 100q to 5000q turbo?

Ed Kellock ekellock at
Sun Jan 20 20:56:13 PST 2013

I agree with Steve and have responded similarly separately and would only
clarify that a relevant comparison would be a V8 5spd of which there were
very few. They are not impossible to find... and I have grown very fond of
the automatic versions... as I've grown older... Again, it really depends on
the kind of driving you will do and how much ease/comfort you will require
doing so.


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Your 100q has an engine which makes almost as much horsepower as the base
MC1, and more torque off the line.  While it is true that you can easily
increase the HP of the 5ktq, you are talking about trading a car you l know
and like for one that is 4 years older that you know little about.  Perhaps
the grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence.

I've got an '88 5kTQ Avant which I truly like, but I wish I had the nicer
interior like my V8q's (similar to your 100) have.  In fact, now that I'm
thinking about it, if you're looking for something with more power from that
vintage I'd recommend that you look at V8 quattros, I'd say that most people
value the 5000s over the V8, but the V8 has many of the characteristics as
your 100, and the PT/ABH isn't any more difficult than the NG/MC to DIY.

Steve Buchholz

wadd-wadd at wrote:

>My daily driver is a '91 100q that is in great shape, reliable and 
>incredibly easy to maintain.
>I have an opportunity to get a '87 5000q turbo with 130k miles. 5000 
>looks a bit more dated, interior is not as nice as the 100 but the 
>turbo makes up for it.
>What's your advice re selling the 100q and getting the 5000q turbo?
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