George Selby gselby4x4 at
Wed Jan 30 13:07:34 PST 2013

At 03:00 PM 1/30/2013, you wrote:
>You guys hit the nail on the head (unfortunately). I wish it was 
>dead mouse smell, but it's dead cat smell. Two if them. Ugh. They 
>are looking for replacements. It'll be a tough decision if and when 
>they find a couple if replacements. Everything else looks good but 
>it's a lot of money. Bad news should be coming my way tomorrow. Pray 
>to the Audi gods for me.

At first I thought you found 2 dead felines in your car!  Arrrrrrrrgh!

Anyway, don't let whoever does the repair keep your old cats unless 
they offer to take some money off the bill.  I got over $100 for each 
Audi (90 200) cat I sold to  It 
was easy, too.  You box em up, ship em, and they mail you a 
check.  They even credit you for shipping, and I got my check in less 
than a week.  I sold them 12 cats when I moved last year.  Nice 
little bonus to cover some moving expenses.  It was more than the 
local people were offering.

George Selby 

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