Dead Cats

Scruggs Family gjkzscruggs at
Wed Jan 30 15:04:29 PST 2013

Regarding Cody's comment. 

"+1 to Grant. Not only illegal, but in fact it is a felony to remove the cat
on a road going vehicle. 

That said, everybody does it and very few outside of Cali get caught.

-Cody Forbes (mobile)"

I seem to recall that it is illegal for a licensed mechanic to remove/modify
a cat but the owner is not covered by that law.  Additionally, my '87 5kCStq
passed CA emissions back in '98 with an empty cat.  I hadn't intended to
have it inspected after that track day but wondered how sensitive their
equipment was.  They said, "your cat is quite weak."  I thought, "so is your
test."  YMMV

Gross Scruggs
Annapolis MD

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