Starting to be hopeful thanks to you guys.

EllenO doubldz at
Thu Jan 31 11:31:30 PST 2013

Well, I checked eBay and found several sellers who sell specifically what I need, I think. Pleasantly surprised. Quite a price variance, though. Someone is selling right and left for $67.15 ea. someone else $414.39 and someone else for $327.62 

The title on the last one reads: Audi V8 1990 92 DEC Catalytic Converter Direct Fit 49 States AU1312

If these parts are workable for me, I have two options for the install. There is a Midas dealer in town (price ?) and my godson is a Lexus mechanic (price free) if he is capable. Not sure ;)

Can you guys let me know which, if any, of the eBay group to buy?

Suddenly this is becoming affordable and possible - which is a relief. I've got two other Germans at home that cost me a small fortune this Fall. My wiener dogs both, as if on cue, had surgical procedures at roughly 5K a piece, one after the other. So I'm kind of poor at the moment. Things come in 3s fright? I hope this is the last thing for a while. 

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