Seat Heater switches

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Sun Feb 1 09:33:16 PST 2015

This does look like a big endeavour.  I'd like to test at least one switch
and see what the rotary wheel does, vary voltage or current.  I checked my
schematic for at least one set of seats, on my seats the temperature sensor
is in the heater coil, all it gets is 2 wire signal from the switch, and
everything else is sorted in the seat.  I think that may work, but in this
case you would not get more heat, just variability between the current
setting and off, maybe.  Best way to check would be to see what my current
switch puts out for voltage, check inline current on the heater circuit,
then check voltage output on the Audi switch and wire it inline to see if
it varies current when inline.   I think it could work, even though not
like it does in the original system.

Surely, the rotary switch does something with voltage/current even if it
doesn't have the final say in the circuit, correct?  I understand in the
end it seems to just signal a relay that then varies the power/heat level
to the seat in the audi system, so my main question then would be how much
current can the switch carry?  Probably not a ton, in this case.

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> I'm in minnesota, 56560
> On Sun, Feb 1, 2015 at 1:59 AM, <jlagnese at> wrote:
>> Yes, I have several. I need to check if  they are left and right pairs. I
>> am in Maine. Where are you?
>> John
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>> Hey everyone,
>> Does anyone have some pairs of Heated seat switches around?  I want to
>> retrofit a few of my cars with these Audi/vw switches, as I have a 1
>> position button on my heaters for right now.  I'd like to try and retrofit
>> the Audi switch into the car.
>> Has anyone done this before?  I'm not sure if it will work, but in my head
>> it should be simple, I'm assuming its Vin, Gnd, Vout, and Backlight Vin,
>> and the switch operates like a potentiometer.
>> P.s.  The candidates are 2 MX-5s, a Mazda 3, and a Mitsubishi Eclipse.
>> Cause its cold up here in MN.
>> Cheers all,
>> Nick
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