2006 Audi A6 won't start

Vic victor.norman at sbcglobal.net
Thu Feb 12 14:00:41 PST 2015

My wife's 2006 A6 decided not to start today. Turning the ignition key to start has absolutely no effect - no ignition lights showing, nothing. Pretty much what you would see if  you tried to start the car while it was in gear.

I'm quite sure that it's not a dead battery. The battery is only a year old and I can lock and unlock the car, operate the emergency flashers etc. Attempting to jump-start the car has absolutely no effect. 

Called a tow company to tow the car to my local Audi indie but they could not get the car out of park. These guys weren't dummies - they'd towed a million cars so they knew what they were doing but still no luck.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to get the car to start or how to get it out of park? I read somewhere that there is a button under the ashtray that can be pressed to get out of park but removing the ashtray is not a simple matter.


Vic Norman

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