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Excellent points. I am going to ask one of my mechanics if I can swap him for the tires he has that are the proper size. 

Thanks all,


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>> To update, it seems like I had a bad tire. I put the spare on and it all
>> went away. I need four new tires now and I got them for free (almost new
>> Goodyear Extra Grip Ice) but they're 215/65/16 instead of 215/55/16. That's
>> less than an inch difference in  diameter if my math is right (10% of 215
>> mm is 21.5mm... 21.5mm is around 0.84 inches).
>> I know this will cause my speedometer and odometer to read a little slow,
>> but I'm wondering if it will fit under a stock suspension on a 2004 A6qA.
>> C5 chassis. My research points to yes, but I would like the group's opinion.
>> I would get the correct size, but beggars can't be choosers.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Vinney
> 2 other possible issues with larger than OEM tire size:
> 1. If auto transmission, it might "hunt" for the proper gear - BTDT on a
> friend with a '96 A6q Avant.
> 2. If you need a spare, better be the same size ir diff. might decide to
> quit prematurely.
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