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Mark Rosenkrantz speedracer.mark at
Sun Feb 15 15:23:19 PST 2015

I'm curious, because I'm going to sell my 1987 4KCSQ as well.

Mark Rosenkrantz

On Sun, Feb 15, 2015 at 2:05 PM, Andrew Buc <abuc at> wrote:

> I’ll be putting my ’87 4kq up for sale in the near future. Ideally I’d
> like to price it so it goes quickly, but I don’t want to leave money on the
> table. The car and I are in Seattle. So here’s what the buyer would be
> getting (drumroll):
> 263,300 miles
> Synthetic oil and good filters (Mann, Mahle, Knecht) on my watch
> 10K miles on Nokian eNTYRE tires
> Service records from the car’s 15 years with me and 8 years with the
> previous owner
> New clutch at 203K
> New radiator ~3 years ago
> Some extra parts: speedometer, diff lock, distributor, headlight switch
> Extra full-size tire, good condition, unmounted, different brand from the
> 4 on the ground
> What’s not so good:
> Cosmetic damage to left flank
> A rear control arm probably needs replaced
> A/C doesn’t work
> Cruise control doesn’t work
> Driver’s seat heater doesn’t work
> Some photos of the car:
> Thoughts on asking price? On advertising on CL vs. a dedicated Audi site?
> Thanks.
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