Pricing 4kq for sale

mxhowes at mxhowes at
Mon Feb 16 09:38:06 PST 2015

I had a '85 4000Q that I sold about 3 years ago. It had ~152K miles on it and was my garage Queen in very good condition. After owning 3 of these cars I had a trunk full of spare parts and a box full of broken door handles <g> that went with it. I did a lot of pricing research and decided on a $2500 FIRM price. Had it listed for more than 6 months with a few tire kickers until one day a German fellow working on a 2 year contract for VW USA contacted me about the car. He flew up from the Los Angles area to Northern California and drove the car home (~600 mi). He said he wanted to take the car back to Germany when he returned because of it's rust free condition and some US options that they didn't see in the German cars (leather seats, etc). I live near Eureka, CA and to say the least this is not a very Quattro savvy area, I'm sure in other areas it could be easier to find a buyer. I had a tear in my eye as he drove away but was glad to see this car go to an enthusiast and hopefully it found it's way back to Germany. From what I found out 3 years ago, $1500 would probably be a quick sale and for $3500 it might never sell. You are in the 'classic' car department ... good luck. 

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