Pricing 4kq for sale

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Mon Feb 16 10:42:33 PST 2015

Actually, it's the opposite.  Back in "the day", Audi's of the type 44
vintage and older were like yellow cabs in New York in my area.  So lots
of people with plenty of experience and first hand knowledge of them. 
You'll have an easier time selling bagged ice in Oymyakon than finding a
buyer for a Quattro of that vintage.  Don't shoot the messager, I wish it
wasn't so, but it's reality.  These cars are viewed as maintenance
nightmares with astronomical parts prices by anyone except the

And, alas, the enthusiasts have moved on too.  I've got a 88 90Q with 80k
on the clock I can't get $800 for, I regret not junking it when scrap was
high or getting some of my own tax money back during the buyback a few
years ago.  My V8Q's I won't even bother to put on the market, same for
the 200TQA which has less than 100k on the clock.  Once the weather
clears, I'm getting rid of them all, if Semple's not interested I'll
enter them in enduro races or demo derbys and just leave them at the
track when I'm done.

Realistically, the car in question, with over 250k on the clock and
cosmetics etc., if it were mine I'd take the first $750 that shows up, if
it shows up at all.  

Cold hard facts on a cold winters day.

Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.

mxhowes at writes:


> seats, etc). I live near Eureka, CA and to say the least this is not 
> a very Quattro savvy area, I'm sure in other areas it could be 
> easier to find a buyer. I had a tear in my eye as he drove away but 


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