2006 A6 won't start - conclusion

Kneale Brownson kneale at knitknacks.com
Fri Feb 20 13:45:11 PST 2015

Sounds like part of the anti theft immobilizer system. Any recent vehicle will be subject to these kinds of issues. 

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> On Feb 20, 2015, at 2:23 PM, "Vic" <victor.norman at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Okay - after finally getting the car out of park I had it towed to my local indie garage, confidently hoping that the problem was a bad ignition switch. 
> Got a call from the garage - needed a J518 access/start module which required a link to Ingolstadt to reprogram it - they couldn't do that. 
> So, towed the car to my Audi dealer and three days and $2735 later the car is back on the road. According to the dealer the problem was "faulty steering column ECU caused by a faulty power supply relay". This required the steering column to be replaced. The relay cost $27.20 and the steering column cost $1856.99.
> Bah! I could buy a used steering column for a couple of hundred dollars but there's no way that the garage would have reprogrammed it for me...
> A Lexus RX350 is starting to look very appealing right now.
> Thanks for all your help guys.
> Vic Norman.
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