quattro Digest, Vol 136, Issue 18

laraa at sympatico.ca laraa at sympatico.ca
Sat Feb 21 21:06:47 PST 2015

Holy crap!  Occasionally I have an urge to get another Audi. But posts like
> this remind me why I sold my last one and haven’t gotten another.
> May your A6 now treat you as well as you treat it.
>> Kent McLean

 > Sounds like part of the anti theft immobilizer system. Any recent vehicle will be subject to these kinds of issues.

AFAIK or remember reading, VAG products 2004+ need this reprogramming of certain modules, done only at dealerships by the car talking directly to HQ. Not sure, if all brands or all markets. It's why I'm eyeing Audi Avants up to 2003 MY.


Saab's 9-3s (2003-10) and last gen 9-5s (2010-11) are like that. But an indy can reprogram the car if he has a temporary access to GM's database (20$ per day). The shop will obviously need an appropriate GM scan tool, called Tech2, with the Saab software.


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