2006 A6 won't start - conclusion

Dave dave.eaton at clear.net.nz
Sun Feb 22 22:05:03 PST 2015

not to go all cosmic on you or anything like that - but this is for the
reprogramming of the immo and keys - the dealer needs to phone home.  as
far a i am concerned that is a good thing.  if my truck gets lifted i¹d
like to know that the losers that did it would only be able to part it out.

and, says he, touching wood (head), my avant has had 3 years of ownership
and no bills other than the annual service ripoff.

¹08 rs6 avant
¹12 vw passat alltrak

>Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2015 12:38:58 -0800
>From: Tihol Tiholov <t.tiholov at gmail.com>
>Holy crap!  Occasionally I have an urge to get another Audi. But posts
>> this remind me why I sold my last one and haven¹t gotten another.
>> May your A6 now treat you as well as you treat it.
>> ‹
>> Kent McLean
>> ¹02 VW Beetle TDI and lots of ex-Audis, including Bad Puppy
> > Sounds like part of the anti theft immobilizer system. Any recent
>vehicle will be subject to these kinds of issues.
>AFAIK or remember reading, VAG products 2004+ need this reprogramming of
>certain modules, done only at dealerships by the car talking directly to
>HQ. Not sure, if all brands or all markets. It's why I'm eyeing Audi
>up to 2003 MY.

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