2006 A6 won't start - conclusion

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Mon Feb 23 01:31:34 PST 2015

They'd like you to believe that, but it's just as easy if not easier to
steal a "phone home" transponder equipped car 
by reading the signal from the key fob  (even if it's in your pocket) or
as with most VW/Audi's (and a bunch of others) 
bypassing they system with an immobilizer and transponder key programming
tool, which is readily avaialble from China (sold on eBay.)   

I have a friend who is a locksmith, and it's incredible what he can do
with his laptop.  Older cars require hard bypass (glorified hot wiring), 
he prefers newer cars which can,  for the most part be bypassed via
software only.  For most Audi/VW, the equipment and software necessary 
to bypass their systems goes for around $500 online.  

It does require some expertise of course (he makes it look easy). 
They're using anti-theft as an excuse to keep vehicle systems dependent
factory intervention and the heafty fee$ they generate for the company.

Coincidentally, had a late model Chrysler van block my street for a few
hours the other day, driver got out to make a delivery (no place to park
with all the snow), 
when he got back in the ignition system had "de-programmed" and van was
dead.  While the tow truck was on the way I chatted with him, he said it 
had happened before and cost about $400 to be reprogrammed.

Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.

Dave <dave.eaton at clear.net.nz> writes:
> not to go all cosmic on you or anything like that - but this is for 
> the
> reprogramming of the immo and keys - the dealer needs to phone home. 
>  as
> far a i am concerned that is a good thing.  if my truck gets lifted 
> i¹d
> like to know that the losers that did it would only be able to part 
> it out.
> and, says he, touching wood (head), my avant has had 3 years of 
> ownership
> and no bills other than the annual service ripoff.
> dave
> ¹08 rs6 avant
> ¹12 vw passat alltrak

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