Fuel line leak 200 20v

Eric Huppert ehuppert at hvc.rr.com
Sun Oct 9 07:07:07 PDT 2016



I've been patching up the 200 20v and continuing to drive! It just runs and
rides so good I can't let it go!!!!!


Had started noticing a little increase in crank to start. Then, started
getting a slight smell of gas. Nothing was reaching the ground, but could
smell it when windows were closed after driving.


Further investigation revealed dampness down behind steering fluid
reservoir. Can see the lines (somewhat), but they then disappear behind the
rack. Would think a high pressure leak would reach the ground, but then
again return line leak shouldn't affect starting. 


Plan is to cut off flexible line at filter and run high pressure hose from
crimp (remove crimp, go to barb) to nicopp and flare line at fuel rail side
fitting. (Bubble or regular flare??) Will run line higher, not down behind


Pretty certain high pressure goes to rail, return comes off of regulator. 


If this solves the leak, yeah! If not, will have to figure out a re-route
for return line.


Can't see leak, but think it's behind the rack, or near where line starts


Thoughts, any BTDT?????????????




PS: Been looking for another 200 20v, but few and far between. Have a lot of
upgraded parts and go fast goodies. 

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