Floor Jacks, was [s-cars] Robbery....LeMans Classic video

mlp qwest mlped at qwest.net
Sun Dec 1 09:23:29 EST 2002

Yep Teddy, the formagio will make my list of things to watch out for & avoid
if possible.

BTW, doesn't this "formaggio con vermini" stuff usually arrive wrapped in a
circa 2000 WMB M3 coupe.  Delivery can be be easily identified by the 4 flip
/ rolls the wrapping does just before it pulls up to the front door?

Mike "thinking he needs to go see "Jackass, the Movie" soon" Pederson

PS - Sorry, I think I got the Swedes, Norwegians & Danes recopies turned
around on the surstromming recipe.  Apparently you get surstromming by
leaving the lye OUT of the mix.  I understand with lye added to kill some of
the smell, you get the Norwegian's plain old inoffensively delicious
lutefisk.  Um Um  good!

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~From: Theodore Chen
~how about casu marzu, also known as formaggio con vermini?  maybe the
~italians resident on this list can tell us all about it.
~come to think of it, surstromming doesn't sound so bad now.

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