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Paul Heneghan paul.heneghan at bbc.co.uk
Wed Dec 4 13:37:04 EST 2002

>Hi all,
>This is to present myself as a new member on this list. I just bought a
>3 S4 estate to go with the new kid and the dogs, which seems to be the
>s proverbials (the car). Hopefully I wont have too much problems with it,
>ut Im sure that whatever goes wrong will have been experienced by someone
>n this list. Im located in the UK and I was wondering whether there were
>ny europeans lurking on this list ?
>Best regards,

Hello Pascal,

There are one or two of us here, but as usual, the list is dominated by the
transatlantic contingent.  Fortunately, the S4/6 is one of the few cars that
is very similar in Euro and US form - same engine (AAN 2226cc I5 20v turbo),
similar transmission (6 speed version of the more common US 5 speed).  In
fact, in the UK the main problem is the right-hand v left-hand drive

If you are going to maintain the car yourself, you need a Bentley manual
($100 in CD-ROM form).  You could also consider getting a VAG-COM which
plugs into the engine managment system and displays fault codes etc.  If you
get one of those, they will also sell you a Bentley for $70.

They are superb cars.  I always think that many list members are a bit hard
on them and overly criticize their reliability.  I have found all my Audis
to be ultra reliable, and have had similar levels of reliability to my
parents' Honda.  Also, I get 200k+ miles and 18 years out of my Audis - they
won't get anything like that out of their Honda.

I am based in Evesham, Worcestershire in the Midlands (UK).

1989 100 2.2E Avant
1995 S6 Avant (UK spec)

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