[s-cars] Suspension bushings and tranny mounts

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Well, torsen boy would step up and say:  Torsen!!!

Torsens, especially on the longer wheelbase cars, tend to make all sorts of
noises when turning with high torque applied (1st or reverse).  The higher
the torque, the more noise you will get.  Try full lock in 1st and do it
again, sound familiar?  Torsens will allow speed differences between
driveshafts, but not without protest, and will favor moving the tire over
rather than the differentiation if the conditions are right, which includes
high torque, hard turn, low speed..

It should be considered completely normal, the first time I ran into this was
on a 88 80quattro with skinny snows.

S torsenboy J
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Interesting topic.   "Sidestepping" is a great description of what I feel
when my s6 Avant is turned hard in reverse. This happens every day as I back
out of the driveway.   It feels as if one  front tire isn't rolling, but
skidding and jumping a bit -- almost as if the front axle is locked and the
tires are forced to deal with the speed difference from turning by
themselves.   I'm really surprised that this is common!  I still wonder if
something is wrong.

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My 93 does it too, but no noise.  More of a "sidestepping" sort of deal.
Always has done it.  Never worried about it.  Chalked it up as a quirk.

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