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Adam Chovanak Adam.Chovanak at cw.com
Fri Dec 6 09:00:59 EST 2002

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I replaced the O-ring on October 24th and have used the Audi as my daily driver and have taken a 2000 mile trip through the Canadian Rockies since w/o any sign of problems.


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Adam, how long has the Porsche part fix been working?


I just went through addressing a long-weeping cap. The original o-ring had =

hardened and was noticeably chewed up. My not_so_friendly Audi dealer wante=

d $60 for a rebuild kit but would not try to match my O-ring. I tried to re=

place with similar looking O-rings soured from local auto shops only to hav=

e each blow a short while later spewing oil in my nice engine compartment (=

especially the sound-deadening mat)...

I decided to stop in at a Porsche/Audi dealer (Barrier in Bellevue, WA) who=

 offered a neat looking green O-ring Porsche uses in a similar environment.=

 The Porsche part # 999-707-252-40 with a list price of $12.51. Hope this h=


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