[s-cars] S6 Steering Issue

Robert Pastore rpastore at animalfeeds.com
Fri Dec 6 18:26:01 EST 2002

Is servotronic working? Maybe cutting in and out? Is your diff lock working?
Both run off of the vehicle speed sensor ( a blue and white wire that starts
at the instrument cluster, and finds its way to the ECU, & servotronic
control module, and diff lock module under the rear seat).  There are other
potential servotronic failures, but the system is pretty bulletproof and a
broken blus/white wire is the only one I've experienced.

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My 95 S6 has a tight feeling in the steering, like the wheel is hard to
turn, it seems harder to turn left than right, and I think the resistance
varies, but it always fees too tight.  I was thinking it was the rack, but
it's not leaking.  Has anyone had this experience?  The car has about 190K
miles on it (not KM)  IS it maybe in need of an adjustment on that little


Dave Toppin

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