[s-cars] A4 1.8, 3.0 or TL

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Turbo timer is a good idea, but again, requires someone to go out and
buy and install
an aftermarket item.

Also gotta remember that the oil lines in the K03/K04 turbos are
positively tiny
compared to those on the much larger K24/K26/RS2.


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turbo timer, then she won't have to worry about it. My wife usually has
to pick up her phone and check her hair and makeup first anway, so I am
confident that it gets cooled down OK. ALso it has a K03 sport turbo,
which is a K03/K04 hybrid (2001 , 2001.5 only)

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All of you who keep suggesting the 1.8T also are forgetting that with
that little K03 turbo, proper cool-down procedures are crucial- how many
of you are going to inure into your spouse that you MUST idle the car
for at least 30s before shut-down?

That's a major PITA for most folks (I admit I've shut down the A4 and
the 200 prematurely due to laziness).

Infiniti G35 would kill the A4 except in interior looks (I think the
weird orange gauges and the silver trim are ugly) and in all-weather
traction. Engine is far stronger, engine sounds are lovely, tons of
grunt, excellent steering feel, handling, decent brakes. Can you tell
I'm not a fan of the TL?


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