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RE: [s-cars] Hi-Energy Ignition SystemsJames,

Check out www.msdignition.com

Jerald Beer says he uses the 6BTM, which gives high power spark and offers =
rev-limits (I gotta get that for the track...no more "whoops, missed a down=
shift!" visits to 7400RPM) and manual timing retard for high boost. I think=
 the 6AL will work too, or even the 6A, which are less money. For prices, g=
o to www.summitracing.com

When I called MSD, they knew less than nothing about Audis. He asked if our=
 coil packs were transistorized or not. If they are not, then their systems=
 will work, but he said I needed to get units that have multiple channel ou=
tputs since our cars do not use a distributor. So according to them, I need=
 a four channel unit (MSD DIS-4) and a two channel unit (MSD DIS-2), with o=
ne of the channels unused. That sucks, since it's like $650+ for the two un=
its, while the basic 6A is $150.

But Jerald is not using the multi-channel units, and he's raving about gas =
mileage and smooth revving.

I have no idea if it'll replace coils. My feeling is that it adds to a stoc=
k system, but does not replace anything.

If you need one of the coils with the rubber plug boot, I have a used one o=
n good working order I could sell you.

93 S4 with milliJoule envy
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  Never heard of this do you have any more info? I need to replace a couple=
 of coils, is this an alternative to that?

  Any link?

  Cheers, /J.

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    I'm looking at MSD for a hi-energy ignition system.

    Does anyone have experience besides Jerald (whose experience seems grea=
t thus far) with using a system like this on our cars?

    Also, they rate the spark energy in milliJoules. It ranges by product f=
rom 105mJ to 140mJ. What is the standard output of spark energy from a stoc=
k ignition system?

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