[s-cars] 1995.5 S6 Avant Brakes - HELP!!

Ian Duff iduff at rcn.com
Mon Dec 16 13:37:00 EST 2002

Okay, so I went to get the snows (thanks, Chris!) mounted and balanced just
now. Pulling out of the lot, the brake pedal felt kinda soft. At the first
traffic light, it went to the floor. "WTF?!?" sez I. Try it a couple of
times, and the brakes work on first application, then the pedal sinks to the
floor. Quick pump of the pedal restores the brakes, unless you keep applying
them, then the same sinking feeling. Got home safely, changed my underwear,
and went in search of WTF? No obvious ones, like a FAQ on Jimmy's or Darin's
sites, or fluid everywhere.

The brake fluid was at the "min" mark, so I topped it off from a previously
unopened can of Super Blue. Pentosin was halfway between "min" and "max",
topped it off with the 37.375cc remaining in my standby jug. The X plug on
the pump was weeping, with teeny little bubbles around the edge. Tried
pumping the brakes with the car off, no change. Cleaned the X plug, and
pumped some more, engine off. No weepage. Engine on, very little weepage, a
few teeny bubbles, still no significant brakes. Took out my handy, dandy 4-D
call Maglite, and went on a prowl. No obvious leaks, except the weeping at
the X plug. No brake fluid on the inside of any of the wheels, nor on the
floor of the garage.

I can't imagine the tire place caused this, I've watched them work before,
and they're pretty good. Impact off, torque on, methodical, you know the
game. It's why I went back to them.

Next step is to examine connections to the bomb. First question, where is
it? It appears to be in the vicinity of the intercooler. Am I close? Gotta
get to the bottom of the engine compartment to have a gander, no?

I went to jack the car up (using the Audi jack in the indicated jacking
points) and put it on jack stands, to look at the bomb and other
unmentionables. Second dilemma: where does one put the freaking jack stands?

My thinking at this point (clarified by some pointed suggestions by Peter
Schulz) is a fluid leak first (either brake or hydraulic fluid), a bomb
failure second, and a pump failure third. Am I on the right track? What
should I be looking for?

Thanks for your speedy responses!

-Ian Duff.

1995.5 S6 Avant, totally stock.

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