[s-cars] Aluminum Flywheel Group Purchase

Michael DeBlasio michael at deblasio.net
Tue Dec 17 18:02:29 EST 2002

Dear List Members,

For those of you who are unaware, I am currently organizing an aluminum flywheel group purchase.  If you are interested, and missed the previous postings, contact me off list, and I will fill you in.

For those of you who are aware, and have contacted me, the GP has officially been postponed until just after the new year.  I have contacted our agent on the other side, and he has agreed to the same terms, given the postponement.  The postponement was made at the request of a few members who would not be able to participate until after the new year.  These members were necessary in order to make the minimum of 5.  Hopefully with this posting, I will reach a few more members who may have missed the initial offering, and whose participation will put us over 10.

So Gentlemen, you will be hearing from me after the new year.

Michael DeBlasio
93 S4
90 CQ

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