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> If you (a) feel you've got good evidence Hoffman's has either intentionally,
> or for that matter unintentionally, lied to you at least once about what's
> been done (or was not done) with the car; (b) irrefutable evidence that
> they
> totally botched the 1st job in any event; and (c), as a fall back, a 1999
> Ford Diesel pickup with, I'm assuming a trailer hitch and, based on your
> ownership of a Jaguar, access to a car trailer, Why not suggest to Hoffman
> that there is very little trust left in your relationship with them, or in
> light of their representatives continuing either out right intentional
> fabrications, or at best incompetent understanding and analysis of what
> transpired, which now provides no reasonable basis or grounds for
> confidence
> in anything they might propose to do by way of in house remediation in the
> future that:

If I didnt already know you were a shyster, this 400 word sentance would have
been a dead giveaway.

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