[s-cars] In my garage! - The EBAY 1 owner pearl Avant $16k

Matt Russell skippertgore at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 21 05:23:28 EST 2002

OK, Got the S6A that was on EBAY. Thanks again Bill M
for the heads up!

>>>Ed, first off - congratulations.  Any car that has cooler stuff than Paul
>>>K's car is just fine in my book.
My 92 was an ebay win from just outside of Pittsburg, PA.  and I don't
regret a thing (cept maybe the $$ I spent to buy her!)

Are 2&3 related?=A0 Or, is there a leak in my heater
plumbing AND a clogged drain that allowed water into
the footwells.=A0 As I mentioned, the rain was

<end snips>

>>>I'd have to say that all 3 are related.  when my car flooded out, I was
>>>seeing condensation from the vents, h2o dripping on my shoe, and soaked
>>>carpets.  It also ran poorly in the ways you have described.

Dry it out... and well.  A lister sent me an email advising me to make sure
the computer is dried as well (Thanks, whomever that was!)  I sat mine on
the dining room table indoors for 48 hours.

My car also threw some codes.  I don't know if yours does, but pull them
anyway to see.  If you take the computer out to dry, make sure to clear the
codes by removing the 5a fuse after you have plugged in the computer again
when you are reassembling the car.

Oh, and need I mention to unplug those drains under the cowl?

-Matt, co
92 s4 that will never be as nice as Paul K's (or Ed's for that matter...)

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