[s-cars] Results of work done today

Ed Walsh rundeep_32 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 21 12:40:53 EST 2002

Got some work done today.

1 - The water in the footwell was from a semi clogged
drain under the cowl.  Good news is that this is
probably the only time its ever flooded as light rain
wouldn't9;nt overflow, jyesterdaysfsidewaysarys
sheets.  Everything is now nice and dry.  Thanks
everyone !

2 - I believe the engine was stumbling/missing because
there was moisture in the spark plug cavity.
Todayghly dried the area and coil packs.  Then, I
lookedthe teh plugs.  NGK, but with Audi rings printed
on the side.  The plugs were also of the 3 arc/arm
design.  So time for new plugs.  I checked all the
plugs to make sure they were tight, then I buttoned
everything up for a test drive.

She fired right up and on to a steady and smooth idle.
 After warmed up, I gave the turbo a poke.  Almost no
turbo whistle or lag at all.  Very V8esqe.  This is
mdifferentrant than my 93 (even when stock).  The 93
has a nice whistle and there is a lot of intake sound.
 Anyway.  As I prodded the Boost started to build
nicely, then as I crossed the 10thresholdhold (my
estimate) the engine would stumble and miss as bad as
it did yesterday, only yesterday I could get no boost
at all.  Try again: Gently boost OK smooth.
Aggressive boost and enginegive would buck.  Pulled it
back into the garage and idle was still smooth.

Gotta be the plugs, right?  Pulled codes and they are
4444.  Could it be anything else and if so, where
would I look?

Many thanks, Ed

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