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The real cure to all this is to take two steps backward in time.

Install the gauges from a '91 200 TQ.
As far as the speedometer you can just replace the face.
The '91 tach has a built in clock.  Then you can replace the S4 clock
with a '91 200 voltmeter or Boost guage.

Then you have the glowing orange/red numbers and needles on a totally
black background.  Just like the old military aircraft instruments.  It
is not as bright as the new S4 instruments but by far better that the
urS4/S6 white faced ones.


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Real exciting 1st day back topic for me here today:

I installed the donated Rossatotron Industries chrome bezeled IC in my
this past week, along with the 2W bulbs (thanks Bill, Bob, etc.).  Ah,
THAT's what a dashboard is supposed to look like all lit up and what
eh?  ANYway...

...I now get an undesirable "Halo" around the outer perimeter of some,
all, of the gauges.  Some halo's are on the top circumference, some near
bottom, some concentrated around the needle's circular base mount.

AnyANYway, I know someone here's likely BTDT to rid it.  Remove IC
remove gauges again, and maybe "seal" them to the housing?  Thoughts?
Upgrade to 1000000 candle power bulbs and fry retinas?

Also, I now, of course, am getting an ohsofun Chinesewatertorture
buzzy rattle from behind there, ohyay for me.  Took it out, made sure
was secure, still there.  Anyone else tracked it down?  I'm about to
the dog it's driving me so nuts.

'95 //S6 FINALLY mit Pizzotron Industries snows, Saltinotron Industries
tails, Krasuskytron Industries Abuse
'58 TRwho? chrome rings on bezels and Lucas Prince of Darkness
"illumination"...  sometimes
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