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I had some of my Sicilian relatives trail Mr. L'Huillier to further
investigate the rumor that Freddy's S6+ uses excessive amount of (special
French) oil.  It didn't take very long for them to come up with these
surveillance pictures of him during his daily routine at the local Esso
station of adding more oil while chatting on his mobile phone with his
buddies at andouillette.com


Note to Frederic:
I hope you don't mind me having a little fun at your expense?  My French
experience would not have been half as much fun without your company.
Thanks again for everything.  Feel free to poke fun at my bumper project,
Jack in the Box (even though we don't have those where I live), or my crumby
french (at least I can speak a little after 17 years of not) if you wish.

'94 S6 umbau
'85 90q
'84 GTI cup racer

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The black beast will be there if I am still alive and well, so will probably
Fred with his V8 if he can carry enough motor-oil for the trip.

Best regards and a happy new year to you all,
Joern MTM RS

>===== Original Message From Paul Krasusky <KrasuskyP at FirstInterBank.com>
>Please read, I promise the length is worth it:
>Well, I've been recently accused of being too quiet over here, so it's
>apparently time for me to drop DA BOMB on ya'all that I've had tucked up my
>sleeve for some time now.  I've hinted at it previously.  I've shared it
>with a close few of you.  It's time now to make it each of our 2003 New
>Year's Resolutions.
>The ingredients?
>-someone just dumb enough to organize - check
>-someone who lives within a few hours of it for homeside recon - check
>-enough fellow listers to climb aboard - check
>-insanity - checkcheckcheck
>-precedent in such silly things (Tom, Keith, Fredric & Joern/Frank) - check
>What is it, you ask?  Remember, I have *issues*...
>-13 miles
>-73 turns
>-a "public toll road"
>-no speed limits
>-few rules
>-~ $13.00 a lap
>-homage to der Mutherland
>Yes folks, you got it...  we're going to Der Nurburgring in '03.  Der
>Nordschleife.  The Northern Loop.  I *VOW* to return, and hereby make it my
>2003 New Year's Resolution to do so.
>While it's my hope that most of you as fellow //S idiots, car idiots,
>idiots, etc. have at least heard of it, below are some links for your New
>Year's Eve surfing pleasure.  Basically, you show up in your car, purchase
>lap or 50, insert your ticket into the toll gate, and let 'er rip.  That's
>it.  No rules.  No instruction.  Just sheer BLISS.  I was out there with an
>F348, a 993, motorcycles, a tour bus, a Honda CRV, and a pizza delivery
>station wagon, all at once, no joke.  It's hilarious.
>While this right now is a plan in the making, I did want to finally unleash
>it upon you all to be able to get it out there.  The idea is for those
>interested to agree on possible date(s) that work.  At this point I'm
>leaning toward maybe the Aug / Sept. area.  Basically, I envision a family
>work friendly Thurs. a.m. - Sun. p.m. sort of thang, with a full day or 2 @
>Der Ring.
>And it just so happens that none other than our very own Keith Maddock
>within a few hours of Der Ring, and has been gracious enough to put us all
>up at his place, feed us, and rent us cars.  OK, he didn't offer any of
>that, but he DID offer to do, and has already done, some homeland recon for
>us for cheap local hotel / rental car info.  A VERY valuable resource to
>have for this.
>If I'm going back, I can't picture what would be more fun than to do it
>a bunch of you fellow idiots to make it all the more enjoyable.  And be a
>perfect opportunity to meet some of you further-away'ers.  I've already got
>a solid handful of 100%ers, the more the merrier, tell your friends.
>Another basic idea is to keep it on the cheap, no five star accommodations
>here.  Hell, I'll sleep in my rental and put the $ saved toward a rental
>upgrade (nothing can be worse than the Peugeot 406TD I ran there in 2000!).
>So start saving now.  Realistically, it'll cost a plane ticket, 3 nights
>lodging, 2 days rental car, food, beer, and beer.  We'll do like 2-4 to a
>room, and 2 to a rental car or something.
>Stay tuned for more details.  Let's hear who's interested, I need to begin
>tally to start ironing out the details. Suggestions welcome / appreciated /
>I hereby DARE each and all of you interested to make this your New Year's
>Resolution.  I am.
>-CARazy Paul K.
>'95 //S6
>'58 TR3A
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