[s-cars] Time for new tunes

Scott Austin Scott.Austin at quantum.com
Thu Jan 2 13:34:37 EST 2003

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Hi all - I've been looking for a couple weeks at new head units to put in my
93 S4 and now I'm all confused.  So, why not ask the group...

I want to replace the factory Bose head unit and had planned to leave the
factory amps and speakers intact (for now).  MP3 is a must (WMA would be
nifty) and there are several options from Alpine and Kenwood that I have
been looking at.  Has anyone BTDT?  Any preferred or recommended models that
tie in with the existing Bose stuff nicely?  What about the dual antenna
setup - just an adapter??  I don't really have any interest in going down
the iPod route and I'm ok with losing the factory changer (who needs it with
mp3's anyway).  Any recommended dealers or online stores?  I've been looking
at Crutchfield, Car Toys and Soundtrack so far.


Scott Austin

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