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Are you doing a complete flush and fill or just adding coolant to a low
coolant supply?  If its the first then how far is your local
Wal-Mart.   Any major brand ethylene glycol based coolant labels as
"phosphate free" or "safe for ALL engines" or the like will suffice quite
nicely.  The Audi/VW branded stuff is simply overpriced "stick it to 'em"

At 03:47 PM 1/2/2003 -0500, Ray Tomlinson wrote:

>Hello all,
>I need to pick up some coolant from my nearby VW dealer for my S6.  Audi
>dealer is about 1hour during peak traffic, and I need it tonite.
>Boston VW parts quotes p/n ZBW 237 105.  $18.95/gallon.
>Can anyone verify?  Any and all help appreciated.
>Ray Tomlinson
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>Subject: [s-cars] your New Year's RESOLUTION - read
>Please read, I promise the length is worth it:
>Well, I've been recently accused of being too quiet over here, so it's
>apparently time for me to drop DA BOMB on ya'all that I've had tucked up my
>sleeve for some time now.  I've hinted at it previously.  I've shared it
>with a close few of you.  It's time now to make it each of our 2003 New
>Year's Resolutions.
>The ingredients?
>-someone just dumb enough to organize - check
>-someone who lives within a few hours of it for homeside recon - check
>-enough fellow listers to climb aboard - check
>-insanity - checkcheckcheck
>-precedent in such silly things (Tom, Keith, Fredric & Joern/Frank) - check
>What is it, you ask?  Remember, I have *issues*...
>-13 miles
>-73 turns
>-a "public toll road"
>-no speed limits
>-few rules
>-~ $13.00 a lap
>-homage to der Mutherland
>Yes folks, you got it...  we're going to Der Nurburgring in '03.  Der
>Nordschleife.  The Northern Loop.  I *VOW* to return, and hereby make it my
>2003 New Year's Resolution to do so.
>While it's my hope that most of you as fellow //S idiots, car idiots, racing
>idiots, etc. have at least heard of it, below are some links for your New
>Year's Eve surfing pleasure.  Basically, you show up in your car, purchase a
>lap or 50, insert your ticket into the toll gate, and let 'er rip.  That's
>it.  No rules.  No instruction.  Just sheer BLISS.  I was out there with an
>F348, a 993, motorcycles, a tour bus, a Honda CRV, and a pizza delivery
>station wagon, all at once, no joke.  It's hilarious.
>While this right now is a plan in the making, I did want to finally unleash
>it upon you all to be able to get it out there.  The idea is for those
>interested to agree on possible date(s) that work.  At this point I'm
>leaning toward maybe the Aug / Sept. area.  Basically, I envision a family /
>work friendly Thurs. a.m. - Sun. p.m. sort of thang, with a full day or 2 @
>Der Ring.
>And it just so happens that none other than our very own Keith Maddock lives
>within a few hours of Der Ring, and has been gracious enough to put us all
>up at his place, feed us, and rent us cars.  OK, he didn't offer any of
>that, but he DID offer to do, and has already done, some homeland recon for
>us for cheap local hotel / rental car info.  A VERY valuable resource to
>have for this.
>If I'm going back, I can't picture what would be more fun than to do it with
>a bunch of you fellow idiots to make it all the more enjoyable.  And be a
>perfect opportunity to meet some of you further-away'ers.  I've already got
>a solid handful of 100%ers, the more the merrier, tell your friends.
>Another basic idea is to keep it on the cheap, no five star accommodations
>here.  Hell, I'll sleep in my rental and put the $ saved toward a rental
>upgrade (nothing can be worse than the Peugeot 406TD I ran there in 2000!).
>So start saving now.  Realistically, it'll cost a plane ticket, 3 nights
>lodging, 2 days rental car, food, beer, and beer.  We'll do like 2-4 to a
>room, and 2 to a rental car or something.
>Stay tuned for more details.  Let's hear who's interested, I need to begin a
>tally to start ironing out the details. Suggestions welcome / appreciated /
>I hereby DARE each and all of you interested to make this your New Year's
>Resolution.  I am.
>-CARazy Paul K.
>'95 //S6
>'58 TR3A
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